Privacy Film Installation Awesomeness


  I recently moved into a new place, and even though the ginormous window in the living room is absolutely amazing and satisfies my need for natural light like no other apartment has, it's definitely a privacy issue since it faces a courtyard that everyone walks by to coke and go. After researching my options, […]

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10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas – A Roundup

Halloween nails

Hello lovelies! Today I’m bringing some rad nail art from across the internet to your screen. I haven’t done any Halloween nails yet mostly from the overwhelming number of awesome possibilities (let’s call them awesome-bilities, k?), preventing me from deciding what to do. I’ll also be at a convention for work next week so will […]

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Cute Quickie: Pink Manicure


Ello Internet lovers! Just writing a quick post for these nails from my iPad (the best present ever – seriously – I can’t get off this thing! :P) Both of these pinks are from Wet ‘n Wild, and I did a somewhat ombré – at least, attempted to – fade of glitter chunks on the […]

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Silver Nail Foils on White Polish

Silver nail foils on white polish - via Monrogue

Once upon a time, as I’ve said in many posts before, I took an adventure on a magic nail file and found myself in Downtown LA at a nail shop. I know, I know – it’s hard to believe. I have picture proof, though! There were little containers of nail foil at that shop, and […]

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Blue & Black Rhinestone Nails

black and blue nails with rhinestones in the center

I did this manicure a couple weeks ago while laughing at some terrible awards show on TV. Thankfully I wasn’t so distracted that it actually came out pretty cool!   It was easy enough doing a base of blue, then covering half of each nail in black, adding rhinestones and a topcoat (Seche vite, of […]

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