Excellence in web presence optimization and online business strategies

The online marketing landscape never stops changing. Hannah never stops keeping up. Whether her clients need the clear path to the perfectly executed web presence in all the right places, or nitty-gritty technical advice for platform and presence optimization, Hannah provides the perfect balance of honest guidance, intelligence, and experience needed to forge ahead successfully and confidently.

Web Presence Optimization

Your online efforts should only go towards the highest-ROI communities and platforms that can get your company results. Hannah can help you determine what those are and how to best use them. Don't simply be everywhere - be everywhere that matters.

Data Driven Results

Hannah believes that if a decision can be made with data, it should be. Effective measurement and analysis is essential to every digital company's success. If your analytics solution isn't set up properly, your company could be making essential decisions in the dark.

Technical Marketing Expertise

Beyond effective strategy, Hannah has the technical expertise and extensive experience to back it up. She eats technical SEO site audits for breakfast (especially the eCommerce variety) and loves hands on work with social advertising and email marketing.


Hannah's results speak for themselves.