What is Monrogue?

Monrogue is an adventurous DIY lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring its visitors. This is not a serious endeavor for me, but is a place where I like to share my projects (when I am giving them the time they deserve, at least!)

I want to show people that you can achieve whatever you want to – as long as it’s something that drives you and you make an effort. You can do anything. You can build furniture! You can change the world! I’m here to prove that through living my life with that in mind and showing the world as I go.

Who is Hannah Monroe?

Monrogue is written by me, Hannah Monroe (no that’s not my real last name.. but I started using that online when I started this blog. Why? I thought the idea of “classic girl gone rogue” was great, since in many ways I am a classic girl but I also like to do things my own way. So I took Monroe and made it Monrogue!)

In simple terms, I’m a girl who loves SEO, her dog, learning, her boyfriend, music, design, food, and life.

I just want to work on websites, build furniture, paint my nails.. and bring you along for the ride.

This is all a very simple, watered-down version of me, but that’s it for now. 🙂 Make sure to stop by my social profiles to say “Hi!” 🙂 Pinterest and Instagram will probably interest you the most if you’ve enjoyed my projects here.

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  1. Geoff Bliss Reply

    Hello Hannah! I just watched your “Blended Coffee Banana Smoothie Recipe” and laughed my ass off. I think that Rachael Ray should employ your cunning use of language and enthusiasm. It was perfect! Anyway, thank you for the education. I had a blended smoothie like this in mind and this recipe was a much better alternative.

    Happy Spring!

    Geoff Bliss
    Cincinnati, OH

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